Stories from Satoyama
Minami-uonuma, Niigata


every aspect of satoyama jujo
is designed to
communicate a story.

Nestled in this natural wonderland stands a dwelling crafted from strong posts and beams, coated thick with lacquer, that has borne the heaviest of snowfalls for generations. Inside, modern designer furniture blends seamlessly with the traditional architecture—a perfect fusion of old and new. Throughout the interior, contemporary artworks are part of an atmosphere that encourages creation and discovery. The cuisine and the local culture that gave rise to it convey the dynamic wonder of the natural surroundings. Every aspect of Satoyama Jujo is designed to communicate a story. We are not an isolated retreat, nor are we an opulent service-oriented hotel. Our mission is to “redefine luxury” as the experiences and discoveries that await you here.

from the creative director


Since founding the Jiyujin lifestyle magazine in 2000, our focus has always been on curating and communicating high quality content for our customers. We stayed true to this core concept when we began our online organic food store Organic Express in 2004 and again in 2012 when we took over the old inn that would become Satoyama Jujo.
With this hotel, we strive to convey 10 stories—by way of art, architecture, design, organic cuisine, and more—that are unique to this location and that will engage our customers and lead them to new experiences and discoveries. We aim to open more of these regional hubs for content curation throughout Japan in the future as well. If you decide to visit our first one here in the Minami-uonuma district of Niigata, we will do everything to make sure your stay is pleasant and memorable.


creative director